Sustainable development

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The Pentathlon Group’s mission is to develop innovative, unifying and high-impact sports events that provide emotions and enriching experiences. As part of its mission, our NPO organizes public sports events that take place over several days, with a definite environmental impact. In order to reduce the environmental footprint of its activities, the Pentathlon Group promotes the adoption of responsible practices for their realization.

Sustainable Development Policy

Consult our Sustainable Development Policy here.

Carbon offset

Are you interested in contributing to the eco-responsible movement and helping us in our sustainable development approach? Since 2022, by registering for the Sun Life Pentathlon des neiges, you can voluntarily offset a portion of your GHGs related to your travel to the event, and thus participate in our eco-friendly commitments. All the money collected is donated to COOP FA’s Carbone Scol’ERE project. Located in Lévis, this NPO conducts environmental education (EE) projects in schools and provides sustainable development services to citizens and organizations throughout Quebec.

“The Educational Carbon Credits® (ECC) generated by the school component of Carbone Scol’ERE are the result of a process recognized by an advisory committee led by the Centre de recherche industrielle du Québec.” – CRIQ Final Report #640-PE47791

What is Carbone Scol’ERE?

Carbone Scol’ERE is an educational program in which elementary school students and their families commit to reducing their carbon footprint. Through five 2-hour workshops, students learn how their lifestyle habits have an impact on the environment and discover new ways to act more environmentally responsible. By offsetting a portion of your greenhouse gas emissions, you fund the program and allow more students to participate for even more carbon reduction! To learn more about the project, visit their website here.

Why compensate?

Offsetting the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions we could not avoid is one way to reduce our environmental footprint and move towards more sustainable societies. Indeed, not all of our emissions can be eliminated overnight: the car or public transportation to get to work, the electricity we use in our home, flying to visit our relatives, etc. Carbone Scol’ERE, a Quebec company, offers a solution to have a positive impact even during the process of reducing your ecological footprint. You can now compensate for these emissions and have a concrete impact on the environment with Educational Carbon Credits!