spectator rally presented by Québec and Ste-Foy Mitsubishi

Stay close to the action with this spectator rally presented by Mitsubishi. Get active, warm up, but most of all, have fun!


Running course – Full speed ahead

You’re now in the perfect place to watch the brave runners turn back on their course, and maybe even catch a glimpse of the early arrivals!

Running course

** Numbers of kilometers and laps are subject to change due to current snow conditions.


Fun Fact

At very cold temperatures, runners can develop an “ice beard”. Humidity from breathing freezes on facial hair, creating a frosty beard during winter runs. Hence also the name of our famous Iceman challenge.


Answer to point 7

5 Mitsubishi flags can be found on the site.


Go to Point 9 in the Sun Life encouragement zone to watch the arrivals and for the next answer.

Thanks to our partner Québec Mitsubishi and Ste-Foy Mitsubishi to help us get you moving with this spectator rally!