spectator rally presented by Québec and Ste-Foy Mitsubishi

Stay close to the action with this spectator rally presented by Mitsubishi. Get active, warm up, but most of all, have fun!


Point 1: Starting line – Race start

Let’s get going! This is the perfect place to cheer on the participants as they cross the start line. This is also where you’ll start your rally through the site to help you follow the race and learn more about our event.


To find out more about our program and departure times: Here

Something new this year

The start of the Pentathlon des neiges Sun Life is a Le Mans-style bike start. Cyclists must first run to the start and then pick up their bikes, which have been set up a few hundred metres ahead. Once they’ve collected their bike, they must run to the boarding line, where they can then mount their bike.


Fun fact

The origin of the Le Mans-style start comes from the prestigious “24 Hours of Le Mans” motor race held south of the city of Le Mans. Until 1970, the starting procedure was for drivers to run across the track to their cars, which were parked on the starting line. This tradition made for a spectacular start to the race, but was the cause of many accidents, as some drivers preferred not to fasten their safety harness in order to be among the best placed at the end of the first few laps. This procedure is now reproduced in many other endurance events and is known as the “Le Mans start”.



Go to Point 2, near the Grey terrace, to look at the bike and for the answer

Thanks to our partner Québec Mitsubishi and Ste-Foy Mitsubishi to help us get you moving with this spectator rally!