Long distance challenge - Solo and tandem

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Saturday, February 29, 2020 - 9:00am
Solo and tandem

Défis courte et longue distance solo et tandem - Pentathlon des neiges

Manage your effort!

In the Long Distance Challenge—Solo and Tandem, you need to manage your effort over a distance of almost 40 km. This challenge open to everyone is where "weekend warriors" and "elites" meet on the same start line. The winners will complete the pentathlon in a little less than 2 hours, but all participants must cross the finish line within the 4-hour time limit. A total of $ 3,200 will be awarded in prize money.

An exciting challenge to take on—and to watch!

You may also participate in the team event of the Long Distance Challenge.


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November 20

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January 15

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February 6









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  • A chance to win bursaries;
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Women 20-29 Men 20-29
Women 30-39 Men 30-39
Women 40-49 Men 40-49
Women 50-59 Men 50-59
Women 60-69 Men 60-69
Women 70 or + Men 70 or +


Senior: Total age of the tandem members is over 80
Veteran: Total age of the tandem members is over 100


Note: Each tandem member must complete a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 disciplines.


  • Age is determined on December 31st of the year of the competition.
Bike14.2 km4
Run4.8 km3
Ski9.5 km3
Skate7.4 km20
Snowshoe5 km3
Total41.3 km

* Round off to the tenth of a km.



A total of $5 600 in bursaries is offered in the different formats of the long distance challenge, including $3 200 specifically to solos and tandems. Winners must be present at the medals ceremony to receive their bursary.

All bursaries will be given by transfer via PayPal, no check will be issued.

The other challenges of the Pentathlon do not offer the possibility of winning bursaries, except the Long distance challenge - Team Elite.


  Men - Overall Women - Overall
1st $300 $300
2nd $250 $250
3rd $180 $180
4th $150 $150
5th $120 $120




Every other categories - Overall

1st $180 $180
2nd $150 $150
3rd $110 $110
4th $90 $90
5th $70 $70