Kamik Families and friends challenge

Registration is closed. Until next year!
Sunday, March 1, 2020 - 10:00am

Défi familles et amis du Pentathlon des neiges

A free and fun challenge… where all the children participate in fun!


Kamik, proud sponsor of the family and friends challenge


What is the #FreeYourPlay movement?


The #FreeYourPlay movement is Kamik’s invitation to encourage parents to step outside the overcrowded repetition of their family’s daily routine and to rediscover an offline-no-agenda creative balance with their kids!


The Kamik Family and Friends Challenge allows toddlers and grandparents to participate in the Pentathlon des neiges presented by MEC! This is a great way to experience the joys of winter physical activity.


For the Kamik Family and Friends Challenge, at least 3 children aged 14 and under must make up the team. In addition to the 5 participants of the team, you can invite 2 companions who can be with your team in the transition zone or on the course to accompany the children.


Who will complete which discipline? Free your play and let the kids free! One or all of the children can do each discipline. How many laps to complete? Let them decide, the number of laps indicated are for information only. The important thing is to do it with joy! Dress up and have fun! The team that will contribute the most to the celebration will win the conviviality trophy of the Kamik Family and Friends Challenge!



All children who participate in the Kamik Family and Friends Challenge will receive a participation medal. No podium; everyone wins!


The youngest participant in history was 19 months and 19 days old. Will we set a new record this year? Accessible you say!


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  • Registration closes on February 6.

Your registration includes:

  • Your race entry fee including feed zone during the race;
  • A souvenir gift for each participant;
  • A post-race lunch;
  • A medal for every participant of 14 years old or under;
  • A chance to win the conviviality trophy;
  • Exceptional rates for rooms at the Hôtel Château Laurier Québec during the Pentathlon.






  • Don't forget, at least 3 disciplines must be completed by a child of 14 years old or under.

  • Age is determined on Decembre 31st of the year of the competition.



Bike1.7 km2
Run1.6 km2
Ski1.5 km2
Skate1.8 km5
Snowshoe1.2 km2
Total7.8 km

* Round off to the tenth of a km.
* Toddlers may complete only half of the laps. Its your choice!